I Bought a New Car and all I have is a Driveway Full of Regret

June 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I bought a new car, whose brand I will not mention.  This car fit the bill.  It was a second car.  It had great gas mileage.  It also rated high on safety.  It was small, but again, it was purchased with commuting in mind.  The test drive went great.  We drove approximately 1.5 miles and my wife and I determined, based on our research, conversation with the sales person and the experience of driving it 1.5 miles, that this was the car for us.  The trouble started on my first day to work.

The right arm rest was too low!  My typical driving stance is right elbow on the middle arm rest while holding a cup of coffee and left hand on the steering wheel.  The rest was a good 6 inches lower than where my elbow would naturally rest.

The gas pedal was angled awkwardly.  The pedal required a pressure from my right foot that created an ache in my ankle.  There was just no getting comfortable for my right leg.

The radio was tinny.  I know I bought a cheap car, but does the radio to sound like a transistor radio I used to walk down the street with in the 70’s?

The driver’s seat tilted forward ever so slightly.  This was really annoying.  It was so subtle, that I didn’t notice this for several weeks and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I always had the sensation of falling forward out of my seat.  This drove me crazy.  How could I have purchased a car like this?  Thousands of dollars and now I am stuck.

I started thinking that the manufacturer should give me a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.  If I am not happy, I bring it back and pay for what I used and get something different.  What a great customer service concept.  One that is used by many different industries….including Staffing.

A typical employer will pay the cost to advertise the position that is available.  They take the phone calls inquiring about the job.  They stack up emailed and faxed resumes and they create 3 piles – Yes, No and Maybe.  Phone calls are made to the Yes candidates, setting interviews with them.  Interviews are conducted for all of the candidates for a 30-45 minute period in which the candidate tells the interviewer only the good things he’s done and the interviewer attempts to get the “real story” from the candidate.  It’s a cat and mouse game.  Background checks, reference checks, etc are conducted and then an offer is made.  If the offer is accepted – great.  After you hire the person, you then find out that they lied on their resume, over exaggerated their experience, or some other deal breaker that would have likely resulted in their resume populating the No pile.  And now you have to go through the trouble of a termination and start the process all over again.  And, of course, your number 2 choice already took another job.  What a pain!

Worker’s Temporary Staffing can do it for you.  We source the candidate for you.  We interview and screen them thoroughly.  We conduct background checks if needed.  We then provide you with multiple candidates who you can then interview if necessary.  Often, our customers will trust our judgment and ask us to have the best candidate show up for work the next day.  Here is where the advantage lies.

The candidate then goes through a job interview while performing the job.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with their work, we will send out another candidate for you.  No uncomfortable terminations.  No phone calls.  No piles of resumes.

This is one of the top 3 reasons to use staffing.  It saves you time.

Call us and give us a try.  Just click on the About button for more information.


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