As the Head turns, so goes the Body

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Leadership is a complex issue.  A leader has the responsibility of moving a group of people in a particular direction.  He is responsible for the productivity, quality, timeliness and morale of both project and people.  He must juggle internal and external interactions, systems and processes, Vision and Planning.  It’s certainly not an easy job.

But what makes a good leader.  Must he be dyanamic? Forceful? Visionary? Realistic? Decisive?  All of these things and more?  Impossible!

No one person can possess all of the characteristics that a good leader needs.  I am reminded of the story of Moses, whom the Bible states was chosen to lead the Israelites our of Egypt and into the Promised Land.  Moses had a huge handicap – Public Speaking.  As a result, his brother Aaron became the Voice of Moses.  We don’t know if this was a physical handicap or a psychological one .  It was a serious weakness nonetheless.  This leader recognized his weakness and utilized a person who complimented him with his  strength and successfully accomplished what seemed an insurmountable task.

Delegation is the key.  If a leader is a people person, find someone who’s strength is operations to run things on a day to day basis while you work with customers generating new business.  If a leader is a numbers person, find a person who can be the face of the company to its employees and customers.  You can’t do everything.

Surround yourself with competent, high quality, trustworthy people who are committed to helping you move the company forward.  There is no shame in not being proficient at everything.  The shame comes from not admitting your weaknesses.

As a staffing company, we can compliment and assist in your success by recruiting and placing the right person in your company.  We can help your HR Managers and Operations Managers by taking some of the burden off their plate, freeing them up for other more important tasks.  Hiring a staffing company to fill positions does not mean your HR department lacks the expertise necessary, it just means that they are taking advantage of one additional source of quality candidates to insure that the right person is put into the job.

Would you like more information about how we can help?  Click on the “About” link to the right.


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