Is Your Staffing Company a Vendor or a Partner?

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Temporary Staffing companies provide their customers with a product that, as much as we try, is not always exactly what the customer needs.  This is the major difference between providing widgets to a company and providing contingent labor.  If we manufactured widgets for our customers, we could determine the exact specifications that are needed such as size and dimension.  We can make it from plastic or metal.  We can paint it green or blue.  You tell me what you want, and I will manufacture a widget to fit your exact requirements.

Unfortunately, in staffing, it isn’t that easy.  Sometimes, it is because the customer doesn’t know exactly what they need or want.  Sometimes the Team Member successfully misrepresents themselves only to have their difficiencies revealed down the road.  And there are times when the Staffing Company finds the person with all of the technical skills, employment history, certifications, education and recommendations that are required by the Customer but they seem to be missing that X factor.

When buying Widgets, you need a Vendor.  When buying talent, you need a Partner.  I looked up the definition of partner in the Merriam Webster dictionary.  The first definition states that a partner is “one who shares”.  A Partner is someone who shares in the responsibility of facing a challenge or meeting a goal.  There is a vested interest in the success of the business or project.  They are willing to do what is necessary to insure that the needs of the business are met.  They become a Partner.

In Staffing, your Partners will be the people in the local branch of your Staffing Company.  The big nationwide, household names mean nothing if the local branch acts like a Vendor and not a partner.  Get to know the staff at your local Staffing Partner.  Invite them to tour your site.  Let them buy you lunch.  The more they get to know you, your staff and your business, the more successful they will be in making your business grow.

Remember, you need Partners – not Vendors.


Staffing Showing some Signs of Recovery

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The North Bay (California) Business Journal is reporting Staffing Agencies are showing an increase in business.  Staffing in general can be seen as one of the many forward indicators that the job market may be turning around.  We are far from where we would like to be but moving in the right direction.

Employers often engage Staffing Companies to provide them with contingent labor.  They are retiscent to begin hiring full time staff, so they test the waters by bringing on Temporary Help.  If the business can support the temporary labor, then maybe it is time to hire.

Using temporaries to fill those new positions gives the Company a great advantage to screen a potential full time employee while that candidate is performing the job.  There are no upfront costs in time or money for the recruiting, screening and interviewing process, because the staffing company manages that process for you.

Staffing is one of the many tools that any successful company should have in their belt allowing them to be flexible and move with the market as needed.

Welcome to Our First Post!

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We are the team at Workers Temporary Staffing Orlando.  We are here to serve your Temporary Staffing needs.  We provide Skilled Labor, General Labor, Light Industrial, Manufacturing and Clerical staffing to many companies throughout the greater Orlando area.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide you with information regarding Temporary Staffing and the recovering job market.  We feel that Temporary Staffing is a forward indicator of the overall job market.  And the job market improving is a sign of economic recovery.  It can be said that as Temporary Staffing goes, so follows the economy.

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcome!

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